Create a Lite app in an Enterprise tenant

Specify properties within your account to apply mPulse Lite functionality.

As an mPulse Enterprise customer, you can designate apps as "Lite" apps for specific properties. This is a benefit if you use mPulse on your CDN delivery properties as a source of RUM data for Adaptive Acceleration or Script Management, but don't need the mPulse Enterprise level of functionality on these apps. The beacons generated for Lite apps are not counted towards your contractual beacon commitment.

Lite apps have these limitations:

  • 1M beacons per month (rate limited)
  • 30 days of data retention
  • A maximum number of 5 page groups
  • No custom dashboards
  • Limited access to Executive Overview, DevOps, and Dimensions dashboards
  • No alerts or reports
  • No custom metrics/timers/dimensions

To create a Lite app, select Configure as "mPulse Lite" Web App in the mPulse configuration panel.

Configure as mPulse Lite Web App checkbox

Confirmation prompt



When you create a new property in Property Manager, the app will be created as mPulse Lite by default. You can modify this setting in the mPulse configuration panel. Refer to mPulse advanced options for instructions on adding the mPulse behavior.