View your mPulse timeline events

The mPulse timeline gives you a general view of events that occurred during a specified time period.

As mPulse collects performance and business data, session results are added to the timeline. From here, you can see your session data as a visual scroll in chronological order. Each session represents 10 minutes of beacon data results collected for the past 13 months.

Use these steps to view your app's timeline events:

  1. In mPulse, click Timeline on the main menu. The timeline displays your app's sessions, starting with the current date.

    Based on the time period selected in either mPulse or the timeline calendar, all annotations (notes) and alerts created by you, others in your tenant, and the mPulse Annotations API, appear in your timeline sessions. You might also see descriptive images (badges) that highlight performance milestones, such as your first data beacon for a new visitor, a new record for beacons in a single day, or a weekly summary of your sessions. These badges are commonly referred to as insights.



Each session view is limited to six notes and six alerts. Each bar in a single session chart represents 15 minutes.

Dots representing annotations and alerts appear directly under the bar chart. Each dot is placed on the chart according to the note or alert's start time. A single dot can represent one note, one alert, or a combination of notes and alerts depending on the start times. When a dot is selected, that dot and the elements (session bars, notes, and alerts) that occur within that specified time range are highlighted. The elements that do not occur within that time range are dimmed. Deselecting a dot or refreshing your browser restores the appearance of these elements.



Dots can only be selected on a single day. To select dots on a different day, click that day on the calendar or refresh your browser to reset the timeline view.

  1. To see a different series of sessions, click a specific day on the calendar for the start date or use the scroll bar.

  2. To see timeline events for a different app, click the App Selection menu, then select the app.

  3. To search for a specific note or alert, enter a word or phrase in the search field (For example, "page load"), then press Enter. The results appear in chronological order, starting with the most current information at the top of the timeline. To see a full view of the session associated with a note or alert, click the text in the search results. The session for that element appears at the top of the timeline with the selected text highlighted.

  4. To hide or show notes, alerts, and insights, click the toggle buttons.