See how performance impacts traffic

The Performance vs. Engagement dashboard helps you see how performance impacts traffic.

You can use the Performance vs. Engagement dashboard to see how the performance of your site impacts not only the amount of traffic, but how long users stay on your site.

Performance vs. Engagement dashboardPerformance vs. Engagement dashboard

Performance vs. Engagement widgets

These widgets are included in the Performance vs. Engagement dashboard:

  • Summary. The Summary widget calculates the summary data, such as:

    • Page Views
    • Page Load
    • Back-End Time
    • Front-End Time
    • Bounce Rate
    • Completed Sessions
  • Page Components & Traffic. This widget shows a visual breakdown of page components and traffic
    over time.

  • Session Length Impact Last 30 Days . This widget shows session length, load time, and bounce rate.

  • Session Length vs. Load Time. This widget provides a view of the average session length in a specified interval.

  • Performance Heat Map . his widget shows performance color coded geographically on a map.

  • Top 5 Page Groups Load Time. This widget shows the load time of your top 5 page groups in seconds
    over a specified interval.

  • Device Types Load Time. This widget shows the load time of your devices in seconds over a
    specified interval.