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mPulse now has a new user interface (UI) which is currently in Beta. The main purpose of this new UI is to help improve the performance and usability of mPulse. The goal is to provide a simpler way for users to find the data they need more easily and quickly. This new UI contains many of the features already found in mPulse and will also have new features that are unique to it.

How to access the new UI

  1. Log into mPulse.
  2. Click on the orange New UI (Beta) button in the top right.
    New UI button


  • Home - see performance highlights and featured dashboards. You can choose to display Core Web Vitals (CWV) or Activity Summary on the Home page. The Featured Dashboards section displayed here updates with each release and provides an overview of new features.
  • Performance explorer - quick and easy access to performance analytics. Features include leading indicators, the timers and metrics dashboard, and related timers. Leading indicators can narrow your search when troubleshooting or improving web performance.
  • Dashboards - view and create customizable analytics. Create customized views of your data in ways that are new to mPulse and not available in the legacy UI.

New UI homepage