Create a custom dashboard

Create a custom dashboard from scratch. Select a dashboard layout and widgets that will give you what you need to visualize your data.

  1. In mPulse, click Central.

  2. In the left pane, select Dashboards.

  3. On the menu bar, click the plus sign to open the New Dashboard Setup dialog.

New dashboard setup dialog

  1. Give the dashboard a name, then enter the location where you want the dashboard stored. You can store dashboards by owner, function, or whatever category you choose.

  2. Select a widget layout, then click Next to open the Widget Type selection panel.



As you add widgets, they occupy the vertical space within the dashboard. The number of widgets already in the dashboard determines the available space. The smallest height that a widget reduces to is its default height. Once you have a few widgets in place, the scroll bars appear in the dashboard. The Summary, Timers, and Metrics widgets have a fixed height.

  1. From the list, select a widget type (for example, Charts ) to see the available widgets.

  2. In the menu, select a widget type (for example, Measurements ) to list the attributes available for the widget.

  3. If you'd like to see data for a specific attribute by rank (for example, the top 5 browsers), select the Show Top checkbox, then select a dimension from the menu.

  4. From the list, drag the widget (for example, Measurement) to the widget drop area.

  5. Give the widget a few seconds to populate, then hover over a data point to see the details.

Hover on data point example