Send beacons manually

Trigger the mPulse beacon to collect application data that rely on AJAX requests. For example, to refresh page content in a single page container.

You can also use this to capture the performance of JavaScript functions. For example, functions that occur after the onload event of a traditional page as shown here.



You'll need to include a start and an end, and assign a page group for the process.

// Immediately before the AJAX request is sent off:
if (BOOMR) {
       var mPtimer = BOOMR.requestStart("[YOUR PAGE GROUP NAME HERE]");
       } (... YOUR FUNCTION GOES HERE ...)
// Immediately after AJAX / JavaScript request returns (for example, in the readyStateChange event handler)
// Add the following line only if you want it to track the event as a custom metric
//BOOMR.addVar("cmet.MYCUSTOMMETRIC";, 1);
if (mPtimer){ mPtimer.loaded(); }