Meet your business goals

Now that you have an idea how your site is performing, use the Metrics dashboard to understand how fast you need to be to meet your business goals and business metrics.

Metrics dashboard

Metrics widgets

These widgets are included in the Metrics dashboard:

  • Timers and Metrics.

This widget calculates the summary data, such as:

  • Page Views
  • Page Load
  • Bounce Rate
  • Network Errors
  • Bounce Rate vs. Completed Sessions. The Bounce Rate vs. Completed Sessions widget shows the bounce rate, or
    rate that users visit one page and leave, of users correlated with the number of
    sessions, or when users visit multiple pages.
  • Geography. The interactive Geography widget shows median load performance by
    geographic unit. The widget legend shows performance in seconds and assigns a color
    for the given range. As with other mPulse performance analytics, color is coded to
    indicate performance by geography, from darker green (great) to lighter green (good)
    to yellow (fair) and darker yellow (poor) and on to red (extremely poor).



The Geography widget is also included in the Metric Analysis dashboard and displays pop ups for the custom metric selected at the dashboard level as data for a metric arrives.

Geography widget

Click the Plus (+) or Minus (-) controls as you would with any interactive map. Click a country to inspect performance details for Median Load and Measurements (that is the number of beacons collected per the selection).

Inspect performance details of a country

Note that the 4.499 second median load above matches the location in the color range shown on the legend.

Click Filter to this Country show only the current selection in this widget and to filter the other dashboard widgets to this country.

Filter this country

  • Page Groups. This widget allows you to view performance for each of your page
  • Bounce Rate over Time. This widget shows the bounce rate, or exit rate, of users over time.