Fix performance issues

The Waterfall view shows you how certain factors and third-party services directly impact your users, so you can quickly identify the root cause of your performance issues for your web app.

Use this dashboard to view object level data that flows into the mPulse system. Everything that is keeping your users waiting is recorded in the waterfall widgets. Once you have an idea where your users are spending the most time and where they may be encountering delays, you can look at the widgets for details to understand why.

Waterfall for web apps

When analyzing your site's performance, look for things like JavaScript or other elements blocking the page from rendering (front-end single points of failure) or images taking a long time to load.

You can see the individual beacons, session ID, back-end, front-end, and page load times for your web app in the Beacons widget. The Beacon Details widget has information about your visitors such as URL, performance metrics, and raw data. To determine the bottleneck that slowed down a particular resource, look at the Beacon Waterfall widget.

Beacon waterfall widget