Integrate widget charts and layouts

Analyze similar performance data in a single view. For example, you can combine or correlate any of the mPulse time series charts. You can also place one widget on top of another



You cannot merge and manipulate widget charts or layouts in an mPulse system dashboard.

  1. In mPulse, click Central.

  2. In the left pane, select Dashboards.

  3. From the list, double-click the custom dashboard with the widget that you want to use.

  4. On the menu bar, click the Toggle Widget Selection Panel icon to open the panel.

  5. From the list, select a widget type, for example, Charts.

  6. Drag a time series chart widget to a position in the existing widget to open the options.

Chart widgets



The Combine and Correlate options are only available for time series charts. The remaining options are available for all charts.

  1. Select one of these actions or click Cancel to return to the widget.

    Combine. This action merges the two charts. The target chart keeps both its x
    and left y-axis. The existing (source) chart creates a new right
    y-axis. You can drag and drop other charts in the combined chart, as
    long as the source chart has a y-axis that matches.

    Correlate. This action parallels the two charts. As a result, you'll see a
    chart that shows how the source chart's data set statistically
    correlates to the target chart's data set. To do this, mPulse
    matches each point from both charts based on their common time
    x-axis, plotting each pair of values on a new axis system that has
    the source chart y-axis and the target chart x-axis.

    Place on Top. This action puts the target widget on top of the source widget.

    Replace. This action replaces the source widget with the target widget.



Some widget backgrounds are preset, for example, the Globe widget is set to dark transparent blue and has visible borders. To change a widgets background, click the gear menu in the right corner of the widget, then select Edit to open the editing panel. For details on widget settings, see View widget settings.