Troubleshoot and fix domain errors

The App Error List and App Error Summary dashboards let you track JavaScript errors on your site for easy troubleshooting and fixing.

Click an error message on the App Errors Summary dashboard, for example, Permissions denied.

App Errors Summary dashboard

The App Errors List dashboard opens with detailed information on that error only. Click the General tab to see basic information about the error. Click the Visitor tab for information about the session and user agent.

App Errors List dashboard General tab

App Error Summary

These widgets are included in the App Error Summary dashboard:

  • Summary. The Summary widget calculates the summary data, such as:

    • Page Views
    • Completed Sessions
    • App Error
    • New App Errors
  • Combined Chart Base. This widget shows the App Error Count in one minute intervals.

  • Metrics by Dimension. This widget shows the app error messages, the app error counts, and the app error

  • Multi-Dimension Breakdown. This widget shows the breakdown of app errors by browser, by country, by page group and by device type.

App Error List

These widgets are included in the App Error List dashboard:

  • App Error List. This widget shows the errors for the selected error in the App Error Summary
  • App Error Details. This widget shows general information about the error such as URL, date and time,
    and file. It also shows the visitor information such as session ID, beacon type, page
    group and boomerang version.