Supported features

Check the list of features available in mPulse Boomerang. Each feature requires a different minimum Boomerang version listed below.

To stay up to date with the latest developments and feature releases, see the mPulse Boomerang release notes.

Latest versions

Latest LA version: 1.792 (release notes)
Latest GA version: 1.785 (release notes)


FeatureSupported from
AngularJS Support1.157
Array Index Support1.246
Automatically Instrument XHR0.9.1420754292
Automatically Instrument XHR - Only Matching1.517
Backbone.js Support1.169
BFCache Navigations1.785
Boomerang Flavors1.737
Consent Inline Plugin1.700
Continuity Plugin1.571
Cross-Domain Session Tracking1.394
CSS Selectors1.137
Cumulative Layout Shift capture1.700
Early Beacons1.667
Ember.js Support1.165
EventTiming capture1.710
Fetch API support1.593
Image Manager1.500
International Currency Support1.370
JavaScript Error Tracking1.376
JavaScript Snippet Injection via Property Manager1.486
JavaScript Variable Limited to Specific URLs1.254
Largest Contentful Paint capture1.700
PCI Mode1.571
React Support1.317
Resource Groups1.500
ResourceTiming Support0.9.1420754292
ResourceTiming2 Sizes (transfer, encoded and decoded body size)1.334
ServerTiming Support1.517
Soft Navigation Heuristics1.792
Third Party Analytics1.394
window.history Single Page App Support1.317

Next steps

If you're looking for steps to update your current Boomerang version, see how to Upgrade or change a boomerang version in the mPulse guide.