mPulse and Boomerang blocked as tracker

Some browsers and browser extensions are adding new privacy features for their users which may tag certain third-party scripts and domains as “trackers”. In some cases, browsers are blocking these requests automatically on behalf of the user.

mPulse and Boomerang use multiple domains for operation:

  • / / to load Boomerang
  • to load config.json
  • * to send the beacon

In many cases, those domains have been added to “trackers” lists that browsers/extensions are using. When any of those domains are blocked, mPulse will not be able to send a beacon.

Here are the currently know browsers and extensions and their blocking status:

  • Blocks mPulse / Boomerang out of the box:
    • Brave browser
    • uBlock Origin (extension)
    • Ghostery (extension)
    • Privacy Badger (extension)
    • Disabling JavaScript
  • Can be configured to block mPulse / Boomerang via opt-ins:
    • Mozilla Firefox (opting in to Strict mode instead of Standard)
    • Microsoft Edge (opting in to Strict mode instead of Balanced)
    • Opera browser (enabling Block Trackers)
    • AdBlock Plus (extension) (configuring EasyPrivacy list)
  • Does not block mPulse / Boomerang but support extensions that may:
    • Google Chrome
    • Apple Safari

We have filed issues with tracker lists to request removal: