Third party analytics (big beacon)


The Third Party Analytics feature is available in Boomerang 1.394.0 and up.

The Boomerang TPAnalytics plugin automatically captures third party analytics campaign information and optionally Client IDs from your web application.

See Data Collection from Third Party Analytics for more details.

Third party analytics vendors currently supported:

  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture Sitecatalyst)
  • IBM Digital Analytics (formerly Coremetrics)

Configuration options


Check the Collect Third-Party Analytics IDs checkbox in the mPulse Configure Web App dialog box on the Beacons tab. Optionally check the Collect Client IDs checkbox to capture third party Client IDs.

Enabling with config overrides


Place the BOOMR_config before the standard snippet.

The TPAnalytics plugin is disabled by default, but can be enabled via Config Overrides. Capturing third party Client IDs is optional, and can be set with the clientids boolean. For example:

window.BOOMR_config = window.BOOMR_config || {};
BOOMR_config.TPAnalytics = {
     enabled: true,
     clientids: true