Origin HTTP Status Code

This alert notifies you that the percentage of hits to a particular CP code that failed with a specific HTTP error code reached a set threshold.

You can set this alert to monitor multiple CP codes and HTTP error codes.

Available for

  • Adaptive Media Delivery
  • HTTP Content Delivery
  • HTTP Downloads
  • IBM WebSphere Application Accelerator - HN 3rd Party Applications File Transfers
  • Ion Premier
  • Media Services Live (Smooth Ingest Enablement)
  • Media Services Live (Stream Packaging)
  • Media Services On Demand (Smooth Streaming Enablement)
  • Media Services On Demand (Stream Packaging)
  • Progressive Media. Site Accelerator Fast File Upload
  • Site Accelerator. Site Defender
  • Terra Alta Enterprise Accelerator Fast File Upload
  • Terra Alta Enterprise Accelerator. Traffic Management
  • Web Application Accelerator Fast File Upload
  • Web Application Accelerator

Notification time

  • New Alert - The condition is present for six to eight minutes.
  • Alert Cleared - The condition is cleared for five to seven minutes.

Threshold configuration

You need to set:

  • A type of traffic to be monitored (Secure, Non-Secure, or Either Non-Secure or Secure).

  • Percentage and a number of failed connections necessary to trigger the alert.

  • Whether the alert should be triggered when the threshold is reached for one of the selected CP codes or all of them combined.


The majority of troubleshooting methods are listed in the Troubleshooting section on the alert's page. Here are some additional suggestions:

  • Determine which URLs are generating the error codes for which you configured the alert. You can find the URLs by either:

    • Looking at your origin web server logs to find the URLs for which the origin server served the status codes to the edge server.

    • If you subscribe to Log Delivery Service, wait for the next scheduled delivery and examine the URLs for which an edge server served that status code.

  • If necessary, verify that the origin servers have the object in question or that the URL links are accurate.