Low cache offload in MCDN grandparent cache tier - reported by cluster

This alert notifies you that cache offload in the MCDN grandparent cache tier dropped below a set threshold. This error is reported by a cluster.

You can set this alert to monitor one group.

Available for

  • Aura Managed CDN

Notification time

  • New Alert - The condition is present for 15 to 20 minutes.
  • Alert Cleared - The condition is cleared for three to eight minutes.

Threshold configuration

You need to set:

  • The minimal traffic volume delivered to the lower tier (in megabits per second) and the minimum percentage of cache offload in the grandparent cache tier necessary to trigger the alert.

  • Whether the alert should be triggered when the threshold is reached for one of the selected maprules or all of them combined.


To troubleshoot this alert:

  1. Log into Operator Portal.

  2. Go to Monitor > Cache Performance.

  3. Click the gear icon and select Area and POP (Points of Presence) of interest.

  4. Click Submit.

  5. Hover over a representative place on the graph and note the Traffic Edge Hit Ratio.

  6. Click Monitor > Cluster Traffic.

  7. For both graphs, Cluster Traffic and Cluster Offload, click the gear icon. For Clusters, select the clusters of interest.

  8. On the graphs, hover over a representative place and note the values.