Manage content

Manage content on NetStorage with a variety of access methods. Access methods define how you want to access a storage group. You enable or disable access methods in ​Akamai Control Center​ when editing or creating an upload account. For help setting up access methods, see configure your access method.

Access methodDescription
Aspera Upload AccelerationThis client quickly transfers content from your local system to NetStorage using Asperasoft's accelerated transfer protocol, “FASP.”
File ManagerFile Manager is a web-based interface to the NetStorage file-system.
File Transfer ProtocolFile Transfer Protocol (FTP) is a non-secure means of transferring files between networked computers using TCP (Transmission Control Protocol).
NetStorage Usage APIThis is a full-featured HTTP API that allows you to manage your NetStorage content. Use it to upload, view, move, and delete your content using an HTTP(S) client of your own design.
RsyncThe “Rsync” program is a UNIX system-based tool that allows you to copy content from a local machine to a remote machine—your system to a NetStorage storage group.
Secure CopySecure Copy (“SCP”) provides a secure means of copying files to and from NetStorage using SSH for authentication and security.
The Content Management Shell (CMShell)The Content Management Shell (CMShell) allows you to log in to a shell-like interface to manage content in NetStorage, using a secure environment.


Avoid breaking your workflow

If you use Usage API to manage your content, subsequently using other access methods is not supported. You must continue using the Usage API exclusively.