This API provides various HTTP methods you can use to manage your NetStorage content. Communication uses the Edge network using a HTTP(S) client of your own design. The client could be a web-based browser or scripted tools integrated with your content management system so long as each request provides the required HTTP headers.

With it, you can perform operations such as uploading, deleting, and listing of content, thus providing you another option for interfacing with your NetStorage account. HTTPS with Transport Layer Security (TLS) can be used.

This API is intended to manage your NetStorage content, while other APIs are for configuration and delivery. Here's a short list to get you started:

The task              The API to use                  Detail
Create a CP code.NetStorage Config APIThis operation creates a CP code for use with NetStorage. You will assign this to a storage group to store your content.
Create a storage group.NetStorage Config APICreate a storage group with this operation. A storage group needs at least one CP code and one upload account to upload content.
Create an upload account.NetStorage Config APICreate an upload account.
Create a storage directory.NetStorage Usage APICreate a storage directory. It will live under the CP code.
Upload content.NetStorage Usage APIYou can use the Usage API or any other access method you've configured to upload content into your directory.
List content in a directory.NetStorage Usage APIView the contents of a NetStorage directory.
Remove content from a directory.NetStorage Usage APIDelete contents from a NetStorage directory.