NetStorage Configuration API

NetStorage is a managed service that provides persistent, replicated storage of website content, including images, streaming media files, software, documents, and other digital objects. Content replicates periodically to core network locations to make it highly available to, and easily accessible by, EdgePlatform servers. NetStorage complements multiple content delivery services.

You use NetStorage to upload and maintain content in provisioned spaces called storage groups. You access a storage group by using upload accounts, and you use this API to configure both.

Use this API if you want to develop a custom application to interact with your NetStorage storage groups, associated upload accounts, or view geographic zones used to replicate your content ("replicas"). All others should use the NetStorage Groups user interface that's available through Control Center ( ‚ėį > ORIGIN SERVICES > NetStorage).

NetStorage Usage API

The NetStorage Usage API is separate from the current NetStorage Configuration API. You can use the API to upload, download, view, and manage the content within your storage groups. For more information, see the NetStorage Usage API.

Content Management Shell

The Content Management Shell (CMShell) provides a shell-like interface to manage content in NetStorage, using a secure environment. For more information, see the Content Management Shell (CMShell).