This section provides supplementary reference tables for data members that support larger sets of enumerated values.

storageGroupPurpose values

These are the provisioned purposes defined for the group:

AD_INSERTIONProvisioned for Ad Insertion use.
ADAPTIVEEDGEProvisioned for Adaptive Media Delivery over edge servers.
CONTENT_PREPARATIONFor use with Media Services on Demand: Content Preparation.
EDGESTREAMProvisioned for universal streaming over edge servers.
EDGESTREAM_IPHONEProvisioned for iPhone (HLS) 2.1 streaming over edge servers.
MSL_ORIGINProvisioned as an Origin for Media Services Live.
NETSTORAGEA universal NetStorage storage group.

pathCheckAndConversion values

These values specify the action taken when analyzing the request path:

Value                                                            Description
DISALLOW_ALL_IMPROPER_PATHS       Block paths using unsupported naming conventions for explicit or implicit directories, and display an error message.
DISALLOW_IMPROPER_PATHS_ON_UPLOAD_ONLYSame as previous, but only for upload requests. Downloads have the request path translated to canonical.
DO_NOT_CHECK_PATHSSkip any checks on path syntax.
TRANSLATE_TO_CANONICALInterpret forward-slash (/) characters as a path delimiter, treating repeat instances as a single instance in a path. For example, if an upload request is sent to target the directory, //files/new///mp4/movie1.mp4, the file is uploaded to /files/new/mp4/movie1.mp4. Non-existent directories within the path are auto-generated to exist as explicit ones.