This section provides details for the API's common set of response codes. It lists the API's range of response status codes for both error and success cases.

The NetStorage Configuration API responds with HTTP problem error objects that provide details useful for debugging. The response revealed is contingent on a number of factors, including the type operation you're performing and the specific error.

This example shows a response with a validation error:

    "type": "validation-error",
    "title": "Validation failure",
    "instance": "ea4afa39-29f1-4213-9d83-0a6b73a26edf",
    "status": 400,
    "detail": "Validation failed. Please review the errors.",
    "errors": [
            "type": "error-types/not.accessible",
            "title": "Not accessible",
            "detail": "You don't have permission to access the given storage group.",
            "field": "storageGroupId",
            "value": 123456

The status member offers the applicable HTTP error code, the various detail members contain a basic description of the issue, and the instance member offers a unique ID value that may be used in troubleshooting the issue with technical support.

For details on information contained in the error responses, refer to Error response syntax.