Trailing slashes and "mkdir"

With this action, NetStorage will automatically append a trailing slash to a directory to specify it as explicit.

For example, if you specify the path /new/dir, leaving out the trailing slash, NetStorage will create the explicit directory /new/dir/ with a trailing slash.

However, if you do include a single trailing slash at the end of the path for this call, NetStorage will acknowledge it as such, and not automatically apply the slash. In this case, if you specified the path /new/dir/ the system will create the explicit directory /new/dir/.

NetStorage also supports the use of multiple trailing slashes at the end of a directory name, and not just as a path separator. If you want to use additional trailing slashes in your directory name, take the above noted default behavior into consideration, and incorporate the desired amount of extra slashes in the directory name.

For example, /new/dir/// will create the explicit directory named /new/dir///.