Configure your access method

Each access method has a unique upload domain for accessing NetStorage.

Upload domains for each access method

Once you've determined an applicable domain name prefix, you'll use it with all domain names for a storage group. Each domain name allows you to access the group using the upload account access methods available.


All SSH (Secure) access methods require an SSH key and use the sshacs username, not the name of your upload account.

This table gives example domain names, imagining you use baseball as your domain name prefix.

Access methodSecureDomain Name
Aspera (Secure)
Upload content using a secure Aspera Upload Acceleration connection.
Manage content using the NetStorage CMShell.
Upload content using the non-secure File Transfer Protocol (FTP).
Upload content using the File Transfer Protocol over TLS (Transport Security Layer).
NetStorage HTTP API
Upload content using the NetStorage Usage API.
Upload or sync content using a secure or non-secure Rsync connection.
Secure connections use an SSH key.
Upload content using SSH or the Secure Copy Protocol (SCP).
Note: NetStorage does not support the fastPut method to upload content.
Use this domain name to upload content using using SSH or the Secure Copy Protocol