NetStorage Usage API

This is a full-featured HTTP API that allows you to manage your NetStorage content. You can use it to upload, view, move, and delete your content using an HTTP(S) client of your own design.


The Usage API supports HTTPS with Transport Layer Security (TLS).

Access the NetStorage Usage API.

Before you begin

Prerequisite requirements must be met before attempting to generate a call to the API.

You need to provision access to the API

Access to the API is granted via a properly configured NetStorage upload account. It enabled access to the API via the NetStorage Groups UI in Control Center. You must enable this access via an upload account configured to administer the storage group you wish to access.

Provision API access

Open the application. Go to ORIGIN SERVICESNetStorage.

  1. Access the Upload Accounts entity .
  2. Click + Add New Upload Account or edit an existing account.
  3. In the Access Methods content panel for an upload account, select the NetStorage HTTP CMS API tab.
  4. Click + Add HTTP API Key, and click Yes in the window to confirm.

A valid key is automatically generated and applied to the account. This key is used in calls issued to the API. You can copy it for use by clicking Copy Key in the Actions column.

After you add a new HTTP API Key, you can copy it for use.


Access to the API is enabled, but the account must complete propagation which can take upwards of 120 minutes. Once complete, you will receive an email notification, and you can access the API with this account.

Local system configuration and connection hostname

Ensure the right ports are available. To allow access to the API through a firewall, the following ports must be open on the client making the request:

  • Outgoing Access. Ports 80/443
  • Incoming Access. Dynamic range on the local system

Gather details for API usage

Your API connection hostname is [Domain Prefix], and is found in the UI:

Open the application. Go to ORIGIN SERVICESNetStorage.

  1. Access the Storae Groups entity .
  2. Enter your storage group name in Filter field.
  3. Click its entry in the table to view the Storage Group Details.
  4. In the Storage Group Details section, make note of the HTTP Domain Name entry. This is referred to as the "Connection Hostname" and it's used in each API call.
The NetStorage HTTP Domain Name for a selected storage group.

Considerations and configuration information for the Usage API

The API isn't aware of content replication

This API doesn't redirect ('chase') requests to other NetStorage replicas. This is especially important if your NetStorage configuration uses replica-specific hostnames, because you may be interacting with content that's outdated or missing. Interacting with outdated content may occur in these situations:

  • If your content isn't in the initial replica region.
  • If the content you're accessing isn't the most recent version.

We recommend using a delivery product, as those requests will redirect across all NetStorage replicas of the target storage group. This ensures delivery of the freshest content even if the first delivery request goes to a replica which doesn’t yet have the data.

Variable entries and this API (“[ ]”)

Throughout this documentation, references are made to “variables”. This applies to mutable values that exist within the API call or the response output.

Values shown in square brackets ([ ]) represent a variable that requires that you input a desired or specific value, or it indicates variable data may be displayed in response output. When defining a variable value in a call, do not include these characters as part of a value entry, unless the instructions tell you to do so.