Activation and completion times

OperationActivation time
Create a CP code60-120 minutes
Create or edit a storage group60-120 minutes
Create or edit an upload account60-120 minutes
Deletion of contentAbout 10 minutes
(POST), (PUT), or (DELETE) API operations60-120 minutes


Not a guarantee of performance

We provide these estimates for informational purposes only and do not guarantee expected performance. Network conditions and the type of changes being made can affect the accuracy and reliability of these estimates.

Take caution when editing an existing upload account.

If you're implementing any automated processes that use an active account (for example, calls issued via the NetStorage Usage API), or if other users are using this account, their access may be interrupted, based on the changes you make. As a best practice, it's recommended that you create a new upload account and apply changed settings there to avoid a potential interruption in access.

Changes require propagation

Any changes you make are not accessible until this propagation completes.