Key concepts and terms

If this is the first time you're configuring NetStorage, you should familiarize yourself with some terms used with the process.

Storage groupThe basic unit within a NetStorage instance is referred to as a “storage group.” Put simply, a storage group is where you house your content for distribution. A storage group needs at least one upload account to upload content.
Upload accountYou use an upload account to access a specific storage group. This is done by associating it with an upload directory that is set up in the storage group, then assigning it an access method.

Each storage group can have one or more upload accounts configured for access.
Upload directoryAn upload directory is a root directory in a storage group, represented by a CP code that has been provisioned for use with NetStorage. This is also referred to as a "CP code root."
Access methodAccess methods are used to define how you want the upload account to access a storage group. Upload accounts can have multiple access methods.
Domain name prefixWhen establishing a storage group, you provide us with a value to serve as a prefix for your domain names. Once you've determined an applicable domain name prefix, you'll use it with all domain names for a storage group.
Upload domainUpload access to NetStorage is based on a unique upload domain for your access method.

For example, if you provide the value “baseball” for your domain name prefix, it establishes these domain names for accessing the group:

• For access using the FTP access method you would use:
• For access to the NetStorage HTTP API (Optional):
Content Provider (CP) codeThis is a unique numeric code assigned to you by contract, representing the default root directory in any NetStorage storage group.

You need to create at least one CP code for a storage group. Reporting and billing services will reference the statistical data for these CP codes.

For example, if the CP code associated with a specific storage group is “123456,” your root directory in that group would be “/123456,” and they would track all of the previously mentioned data and referenced via this code.

Note: NetStorage CP codes are unique to NetStorage. You must create them using the NetStorage UI or Configuration API.