Monitor and report on events

Monitor events with Event Viewer

As a site administrator, you can use Event Viewer to view Edge DNS events (activities) completed through Control Center and stored in the Event Logger system. Examples of such events include configuration changes, login attempts, alerts, and API transactions.

Optionally, you can use filters to search for event information such as event types, event IDs, activities, and date and time ranges to display. See Select events and Filter events.


Information stored in the Event Logger system and made available in Event Viewer is historical; it's not logged instantly. This means that there may be delays between the time information is collected and when it appears in Event Viewer.

The next table lists the event types and corresponding event-type IDs that you can filter on for Edge DNS.

Event typeEvent-type ID
Add zone860047
Edit zone908775
Delete zone975780
Upload zone file for Primary Zone (API)686388
Add Primary DNS Zone Record546864
Edit Primary DNS Zone Record667443
Delete Primary DNS Zone Records925447

Monitor events with Event Viewer API

Alternatively, you can use the Event Viewer API to flexibly access the same reporting features as in Event Viewer.

Use this API if you want to extract event data for reporting purposes, or to create an automated mechanism to manage your event data outside the ‚ÄčControl Center‚Äč user interface.