Event Viewer records events completed through ​Control Center​ that are available to site administrators, such as configuration changes, alerts, and log deliveries.

With the Event Viewer API, you can view a list of portal-visible events stored in the Event Logger system and related to a particular user account, optionally filtered by event type ID, date and time of an event, and event ID. You can also view all defined event types with related event definitions. The API allows you to use your tools to flexibly access to the same reporting features as in Event Viewer within ​Control Center​.

Use the Event Viewer API if you want to extract event data for reporting purposes, or create an automated mechanism to manage your event data outside the ​Control Center​ user interface. For example, you can use the API to batch extract the amount of event data that is difficult to manage manually in the Event Viewer user interface.

API Summary

See the API's various operations for details on their request parameters and response data.

List eventsGET/​events
List event typesGET/​event-types