The Alerts API allows you to configure notifications about significant changes to your traffic based on continual tracking by Akamai's network monitoring platform. It allows you to create and modify alerts based on a wide range of criteria, both static and dynamic, and to configure reports on anomalies. This API provides you with a programmatic interface to the same functionality available in Akamai Control Center.

Use this API if you want to create your own automated mechanism to manage your alerts outside of Control Center. You can monitor any of the following:

  • High or low overall traffic (static or adaptive), incomplete downloads, and percentage of edge error responses.

  • Problems with streaming usage, bandwidth, errors, and number of concurrent streams.

  • Origin infrastructure failures due to connection problems, DNS mapping errors, or inaccessible content.

  • Content that is too large to cache, or problems exceeding your NetStorage usage limits.

  • Problems with edge computation such as Java exceptions, inaccessible application servers, and server reboots.

  • Badly distributed load-balanced content and SaaS application failovers.

  • Problems with Enhanced DNS such as expired zones and failed zone transfers.

  • Monitor overall changes to your Control Center configuration.

The API also allows you to configure all-purpose adaptive usage reports, even when not using alerting to detect specific problems.