To deprovision your Edge DNS service, perform the same steps as in Stages 1 and 2 of Go live, but replace the ​Akamai​ name servers with your own.

  • Stage 1. Delegate your zones to some ​Akamai​ name servers and some of your own or original servers.
  • Stage 2. Delegate your zones to your own or original name servers only.

To safely complete Stages 1 and 2, complete the next tasks.

  1. Update the relevant name server records in your zone file.


Allow zone updates to propagate

Continue to allow the zone updates to propagate to the ​Akamai​ servers because they will continue to receive traffic.

  1. Provide your registrar with the names of your new or original name servers that you include in your zone file. Zone changes with the registrar typically take about five minutes to propagate to the top-level domain name servers. At this point, you will routinely start to make requests to your new or original name servers.