Enable cross-account subzone delegation

As a zone owner, you can enable cross-account subzone delegation to securely grant another Edge DNS account the capability to delegate subzones on your existing zones. These subzones will require your approval before they can be created. To participate in subzone grant requests, your Edge DNS contract must be authorized for subzone grants. Contact your service representative for authorization.

Enable subzone creation rights

You can use ‚ÄčAkamai Control Center‚Äč to enable subzone delegation on your zone. Alternatively, you can use the Edge DNS Zone Management API.

  1. Log in to ‚ÄčControl Center‚Äč.

  2. Go to ‚ėį > DNS SOLUTIONS > Edge DNS. The Zone list page opens.

  3. Click the name of the zone that you want to enable subzones on.

    The Edit zone page opens.

  4. Expand the Zone settings section and select the Enable cross-account subzoning checkbox.

    Any granted Akamai customer will be allowed to create subzones of this zone. These subzones will require your approval before they can be created.

  5. Click Add to change list.

    The Zone settings section collapses.

  6. Click Review change list on the top toobar to review the change list and enable the changes to propagate. Until you complete this step, operations on the requestor's subzones do not propagate to Edge DNS name servers.

    After you submit the change list, on the Zone list page, a Subzone requests section opens above the Filter zones list displaying a list of the subzone requests in a PENDING_APPROVAL or APPROVED state. The listing for each request includes the requested subzone name, last modified date, status, and requesting account.

    If there are no pending requests, the Subzone requests section does not appear.

    Notice that the Filter zones section includes a Pending approval filter to narrow the display results.

  7. Click a subzone request to open its Manage subzone request section.

  8. Review the details of the subzone request and change its state to APPROVED or REJECTED as shown in the next table. You cannot change the state of an APPROVED or REJECTED request.

Initial grant stateNew grant stateState transition impact
PENDINGREJECTEDSubzone is deleted from the database.

Request subzone approval

After a zone owner enables subzone creation rights on a zone, the process for creating a subzone can start. The process is the same as creating any other zone. After a subzone is created, the zone owner receives a request to approve it. At this point, the subzone is in a PENDING_APPROVAL state and does not become active until the zone owner approves it.

Review subzone requests

After subzone creation requests are submitted, on the Zone list page, the zone owner sees a Subzone Request section open above the Filter Zones list. This section opens only if there are requests in a PENDING state.

The zone owner reviews any subzone requests and changes the state of each request by completing one of the following actions:

  • Click the Action menu and select a new state.
  • Click a request to open its Manage Subzone Request section and change its state to APPROVED or REJECTED.

Disable additional subzone requests

After a zone owner approves a subzone creation request, they can stop additional requests by deselecting the Enable cross-account subzoning checkbox in the Edit zone section for the zone.

This action does not impact existing subzones, and the zone owner can approve or reject any requests in the PENDING state. New subzone requests cannot be submitted.