Edge DNS provides a cloud-based DNS solution that helps organizations increase the availability, performance, and resiliency of their DNS resolution and improve the user experience for their web sites and applications. Edge DNS complements existing Web infrastructures, whether deployed in a private data center or public cloud, quickly and efficiently connecting users with their desired destination.

Globally distributed on multiple networks

Edge DNS uses ‚ÄčAkamai‚Äč's global DNS network comprising thousands of name servers deployed across hundreds of points of presence (PoP) in over 40 countries. Within any geography, ‚ÄčAkamai‚Äč points of presence are distributed across multiple networks for both geographical- and network-level redundancy and reach.

IP Anycast

Edge DNS relies on IP Anycast technology to provide a decentralized DNS service to end users. With IP Anycast, organizations can create a logical name server that comprises multiple physical name servers deployed across multiple networks and continents.

Proprietary DNS implementation

Edge DNS doesn't run software based on Berkeley Internet Name Domain (BIND). Instead, it relies on a proprietary implementation of the DNS protocol that uses ‚ÄčAkamai‚Äč's extensive in-house expertise in developing, managing, and monitoring a worldwide DNS infrastructure. This protects Edge DNS from attackers attempting to exploit various security vulnerabilities that have been uncovered in BIND.

‚ÄčAkamai‚Äč name servers are compliant with RFCs 1034 and 1035 as well as many subsequent ones. For information about resource record support, see Supported resource record types. Support for new resource record types is added as needed.