Monitor performance with alerts

Once you've provisioned Edge DNS, you can create alerts to monitor significant changes to your traffic. Alerts provide real-time notifications for changes in your service-use patterns.

Use the Alerts application on ‚ÄčAkamai Control Center‚Äč to create alerts. The following DNS alerts provide valuable performance-monitoring information:

To create a new alert using the Alerts application, complete the following procedure.

  1. On ‚ÄčControl Center‚Äč, go to ‚ėį > COMMON SERVICES > Alerts.
    The Alerts page opens.

  2. Click Create New Alert.
    The Create New Alert wizard opens.

  3. Complete the Create New Alert wizard pages using the on-screen help for guidance.

  4. Click Submit.

Alerts API

To create your own automated mechanism to manage your alerts outside of ‚ÄčAkamai Control Center‚Äč, the Alerts API is available. This API provides a programmatic interface to the same functionality available in ‚ÄčControl Center‚Äč.