Enable log delivery

  1. On ​Akamai Control Center​, go to > COMMON SERVICES > Log delivery.
    The Log delivery service page opens.

  2. On the Delivery tab, from the View by menu, select Zone.
    The page is updated to include your Edge DNS zones.

  3. From the Action menu for the zone you want to enable log delivery on, complete one of the next steps:

    • To create a new source configuration, click Start a log delivery > New.
      The Create a configuration for: zone-object-ID dialog opens. Complete the wizard pages using the on-screen help. Then click Finish.

    • To copy a log delivery setup from another source configuration, select Start a log delivery > Copy.

    The Copy settings to: zone-object-ID wizard opens.

  4. Complete the wizard pages using the on-screen help for guidance.

  5. Click Finish.