Reporting API

If you're using ​Akamai​ Intelligent Platform to deliver your content, you want to see how it's performing. The Reporting API provides a wide range of reports, with new reports added periodically, and allows you to retrieve data in a range of intervals, from five minutes to monthly, depending on the time period and type of data you want to view. Some reports are available only to those who have purchased the related product. Support for specific intervals, filters, and metrics may vary by report type.

Use the Reporting API if you want to analyze data about your business on the web. You can use the data to monitor traffic, analyze patterns, find out how popular specific content is, compile information to inform others, or forecast capacity. These reports' key performance indicators highlight the value of using ​Akamai​ to deliver and secure your content.

In addition to general traffic information including hits, bytes, traffic offloaded onto the ​Akamai​ network, and URL data, you can access additional data most relevant to the set of services you use.