Select events

The collapsible Filters panel lists all event types available to you. You can scroll and select several event types at once, or use filtering to quickly search for common types, then choose the event types from the results as shown in this example:


Use the these controls to help track your selections in the panel:

  • Items. Shows the total number of available event types.
  • Select. Shows the total number of event types selected.
  • Deselect. Shows the total number of event types you deselected.
  • Show selected only. When selected, only the event types you selected appear in the panel.
  1. On the Filters panel, either use the filter to search for a specific event type or scroll through the list, then make your selections.
  2. Click Apply to see the events in the table.

If you’d like to change your selections or redisplay the events based on the date and time selected above the table, click Reset.