Application creation workflow

This workflow outlines the process for creating a new application using the EAA API and the follow-up operations you need to complete to fully configure and deploy the application.

Step #ActionMethod & URL
1Create an application OR
Modify an application
POST /v1/mgmt-pop/apps
PUT /v1/mgmt-pop/apps/{applicationId}
2Assign connectors to an applicationPUT /v1/mgmt-pop/apps/{applicationId}/agents
3Assign an IDP to an applicationPOST /v1/mgmt-pop/appidp
4Create or delete application directoriesPOST /v1/mgmt-pop/appdirectories
5Assign the application to a directory auth group, to allow one or more groups to access the application:
Assign directory groups to applications
POST /v1/mgmt-pop/appgroups
6OPTIONAL Create an access control rule AND
assign the rule to the application:
Modify an application
POST v1/mgmt-pop/services/{id}/rules
PUT /v1/mgmt-pop/apps/{applicationId}
7OPTIONAL: For Web applications:
Create a URL location rule and
assign it to your application or
modify an existing rule:
Modify a URL location rule
POST /v1/mgmt-pop/apps/{applicationId}/urllocation
PUT /v1/mgmt-pop/apps/{applicationId}/urllocation/{locationId}
8OPTIONAL: For ease of bulk deployment:
Create a an application category or assign the application to an existing category:
Create an application category OR
Modify an application category
POST /v1/mgmt-pop/appcategories
PUT /v1/mgmt-pop/appcategories/{appCategoryId}
9OPTIONAL: For ease of bulk deployment:
Create an application bundle OR
add the application to an existing bundle:
Modify an application bundle
POST /v1/mgmt-pop/appbundle
PUT /v1/mgmt-pop/appbundle/{appBundleId}
10Deploy your application:
Deploy an application
POST /v1/mgmt-pop/apps/{applicationId}/deploy

Alternatively, you can perform all of these actions using the EAA command line tool: Akamai CLI: Enterprise Application Access

For more information on the different types of applications you can create with EAA and the configuration requirements for each type, refer to EAA introduction.