This section describes the different attack scenarios that the Infection Monkey can simulate.


Safe exploiters

The Infection Monkey uses safe exploiters and does not cause any permanent system modifications that could impact security or operations.

The Infection Monkey has pre-built scenarios to simulate common types of attacks that take place. These scenarios, when selected, manipulate the configuration to only show you what you need to see for that scenario. This makes it possible for you to quickly run the Monkey on your network in order to accomplish a specific objective.

Choosing the "Custom" scenario will allow you to fine-tune your simulation and access all available features. Read more about configuring a custom simulation..

To exit a scenario and select another one, click on "Reset".

Section contents

Ransomware Simulation: Simulate a ransomware attack on your network and assess the potential damage.
Custom: Configure a custom scenario to test your network's defenses.