The Infection Monkey Agent log file can be found in directories specified for temporary files on the machines where it was executed. In most cases, this will be /tmp on Linux and %temp% on Windows. The Agent searches a standard list of directories to find an appropriate place to store the log:

  1. The directory named by the TMPDIR environment variable.
  2. The directory named by the TEMP environment variable.
  3. The directory named by the TMP environment variable.
  4. A platform-specific location:
    • On Windows, the directories C:\TEMP, C:\TMP, \TEMP, and \TMP, in that order.
    • On all other platforms, the directories /tmp, /var/tmp, and /usr/tmp, in that order.
  5. As a last resort, the current working directory (i.e. the directory from
    which the Agent was launched).

The Infection Monkey log file name is constructed according to the following pattern: infection-monkey-agent-<TIMESTAMP>-<RANDOM_STRING>.log


The Monkey Island's log file is named monkey_island.log and is located in the data directory. This log shows the requests sent to the Monkey Island server, as well as details about how data is processed.

Next generation UI (development only)

The Monkey Island's UI produces a log file named nextjs.log located in thedata directory. This log contains the output of the server process hosting the web interface.


MongoDB's log file is named mongodb.log and is located in the data directory.

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