Operating Systems

The Infection Monkey project supports many popular OS (but we are always interested in supporting more).

The Infection Monkey Agent has been tested to run on the following operating systems (on the x86_64 architecture):

Agent support


Compatibility depends on GLIBC version (2.23+)*. By default, these distributions have been tested:

  • CentOS/Rocky/RHEL 8+
  • Debian 9+
  • Kali 2019+
  • openSUSE 15+
  • Ubuntu 16+


  • Windows 2012+
  • Windows 2012_R2+
  • Windows 7/Server 2008_R2 if KB2999226 is installed.
  • Windows Vista/Server 2008 should also work if the same update is installed, but this wasn't tested.

Server support

The Monkey Island (control server) runs out of the box on:

  • Most modern Linux distros (see the Linux setup page for more details)
  • Windows Server 2016
  • Windows Server 2019
  • Windows 10

We also provide a Dockerfile on Docker Hub. You can get it with sudo docker pull infectionmonkey/monkey island:latest.

*The GLIBC >= 2.23 requirement exists because the Infection Monkey Agent
was built using this GLIBC version, and GLIBC is not backward compatible. We
are also limited to the oldest GLIBC version compatible with Python 3.11.