Data directory

The data directory is where the Island server stores runtime artifacts. These include the Island logs, any custom post-breach action files, configuration files, etc.


On Linux, the default path is $HOME/.monkey_island.
On Windows, the default path is %AppData%\monkey_island.

Configure the location of the data directory on Linux

The location of the data directory is set in the data_dir field in the
server_config.json file.

  1. Create a custom server_config.json file and set the data_dir field. Its
    contents will look like this:

      "log_level": "DEBUG",
      "environment": {
        "server_config": "password"
      "mongodb": {
            "start_mongodb": true
      "data_dir": "<PATH_TO_DATA_DIR>"
  2. Start the Infection Monkey with the --server-config parameter.

    $ InfectionMonkey-VERSION.AppImage --server-config <PATH_TO_SERVER_CONFIG>