Network breach


From the Hex-Mencampaign that hit internet-facing DB servers to a cryptomining operation that attacksWordPresssites or any other malicious campaign – attackers are now trying to go deeper into your network.

Infection Monkey will help you assess the impact of a future breach by attempting to propagate within your internal network using service vulnerabilities, brute-forcing, and other safe exploiters.


  • Propagation -> Propagation Here you can review the exploits the Infection
    Monkey will be using. By default all safe exploiters are selected.
  • Propagation -> Credentials This configuration value will be used for
    brute-forcing. The Infection Monkey uses the most popular default passwords
    and usernames, but feel free to adjust it according to the default passwords
    common in your network. Keep in mind a longer list means longer scanning
  • Propagation -> Network analysis -> Network Make sure to properly configure the scope of the scan. You can select Scan Agent's networks and allow Monkey to propagate until Maximum scan depth (hop count) is reached,
    or you can fine tune it by providing specific network ranges in Scan target
    . Scanning a local network is more realistic, but providing specific
    targets will make the scanning process substantially faster.
    • Maximum scan depth can be configured from the Propagation ->
  • (Optional) Propagation -> Network Analysis -> TCP scanner Here you can
    add custom ports your organization is using.

Suggested run mode

Decide which machines you want to simulate a breach and use the "Manual" run option to start the Infection Monkey Agent on them. Use administrative privileges to run the Infection Monkey to simulate an attacker who could elevate their privileges. You could also simulate an attack initiated from an unidentified machine connected to the network (e.g., a technician laptop or third-party vendor machine) by running the Infection Monkey on a dedicated machine with an IP in the network you wish to test.

Assessing results

Check the Infection Map and Security Report to see how far Infection Monkey managed to propagate in your network and which vulnerabilities it successfully exploited.