On the Infection Monkey's AWS Marketplace page, click Continue to Subscribe.

  1. Choose the desired region.
  2. Choose an EC2 instance type with at least 1GB of RAM for optimal performance or stick with the default recommendation.
  3. Select the VPC and subnet you want to use for the new instance.
  4. In the Security Group section, make sure port 5000 on the machine is accessible for inbound TCP traffic.
  5. Choose an existing EC2 key pair for authenticating with the new instance.
  6. Click Launch with 1-click.

At this point, AWS will instance and deploy the new machine.

When ready, you can browse to the Infection Monkey running on the fresh deployment at:


To login to the machine, use ubuntu username.

Once you have access to the Monkey Island server, check out the getting started page

Integration with AWS services

The Infection Monkey has built-in integrations with AWS that allows running Agents on EC2 instances.
See Integrations for more details.


Currently, there's no "upgrade-in-place" option when a new version is released. You can deploy a new machine from the marketplace to get an updated version.

If you'd like to keep your existing configuration, you can export it to a file using the Export config button and then import it to the new Monkey Island.