Time delay

A Time Delay is a test clip component that specifies an interval to wait, in milliseconds, before sending the following message or browser action. A delay may be an essential component whenever the prior action requires some sort of response.

For WSDL targets, delays can also be defined within the Target Editor for any given message or browser operation where those delays are defined in the target WSDL.



Delays must be in chains for non-sequence timed clips. An attempt to add a time delay to a manually timed clip results in a status indicator message reminding of this constraint (the delay is not added unless dropped into a chain).
In the case of WSDL targets whose operations have delay options, those delays can also be defined within messages created from those targets within the Test Clip Editor > Message detail.

Create a new time delay

  1. With a new or existing Test Clip open in the Test Clip Editor, click the Add drop-down and then select New Time Delay to add a time delay in milliseconds. The default value is 0.

  2. Click in the new Time Delay's time field (shown in milliseconds) and type in a new value in milliseconds.
    The time delay reflects the revised value.

  3. Click Save to accept your changes.