CloudTest grid

Once the composition has been defined it is time to spin up, or start, the grid for the load test. The grid is where the virtual users are generated from load generators called maestros.

It is a best practice is to let the grid manager spin up the grid automatically based upon the definitions in the composition, rather than defining them manually. As seen in the image below, the location and number of servers for each location have been defined for each track in the composition.

(Track properties defining location and number of servers)

Best Practice 8

Let CloudTest automatically spin up, or start, the required test servers.

Another best practice is to use spot instances, if available. This is enabled with a checkbox selection. Spot instances are more cost effective, and can save up to 20 times the cost of normal rates. However, if choosing spot instances, one load generator instance needs to be an alpha — a non-spot instance — to communicate with the rest of the load generators.

(Grid Manager)

Best Practice 9

Use cloud provider’s spot instances when available.