License and professional service support

Depending on the level of service and hands-on effort desired, CloudTest can be used in two ways. You can use a license to do performance testing yourself or you can hire professional services who will work directly with you to understand and manage all of your performance testing needs. Below is a breakdown of the two options.

Option nameDescriptionWhere to begin
License-onlyWith a CloudTest license you have unlimited testing and can independently manage and complete performance testing. As part of the onboarding process when you purchase a license, a performance engineer from the CloudTest team is assigned to help set you up and provide training.See how to start performance testing.
On-demand (professional service support)Akamai's CloudTest team manages all of the work required for your performance testing including running environments, scripting, test execution. This is a hands-off approach for the user, where they have little-to-no need to use the tool themselves.Request a demo