Start performance testing

Here's a high-level overview of the steps required to performance test your site:

1Download a recording toolIn order to collect the data needed to test your site's performance, you'll need to use a compatible recording tool.
2RecordBegin recording and then perform the behavior or scenario that you want to test. The end result of this step is a recording that you can use to script and then test.
3ScriptCorrelate dynamic values and add logic to turn your recording into a usable test scenario.
4ComposeOnce you've scripted the test, configure how the test will be executed. Specify things like load distribution, percentages, locations, ramp plan, and more, all before executing the test.
5Test and analyzeExecute the test. View and analyze all of the data in real-time.
6Generate reportsWhen the test execution is complete you can generate reports and provide analysis of the data collected.