Test composition

The Test Composition is the test itself and contains one or more Test Clips arranged on tracks and governed by user-specified sequence and tempo.

By using simultaneous tracks, defining virtual users, repeats, and locations; and by specifying repeats on tracks and test clips you can build powerful, multi-user tests in minutes.

You can find and open existing test compositions in the Central list, Test Compositions node. The Test Compositions list displays test compositions that are already within the system.

This list sorts by Name, Path, Owner, Created, or Last Modified columns.

  • Click any column header to sort the list by that property.
  • Click a right-arrow for a given Test Composition to expand a list of all results for that Test Composition.
  • Click a down-arrow to collapse that list of results.

Double-click any selected composition to open it in the Composition Editor. Test Compositions are created, revised, and played within the Composition Editor. For a new test composition, this Editor opens with one empty track displayed.

Test Clips appear in the Composition Builder tab > Name list below and can be added to the empty track either by double-clicking in the list or by selecting a test clip and using drag-and-drop to add it to a given track.

Test Compositions can be played by switching to the Player tab on the upper right and by using the Player Controls at the top of the tab. Once saved can be played directly from toolbar in the Test Compositions list or added to one or more playlists.