Find and replace dynamic values

Find and replace the dynamic values in your clip in order to accurately simulate application behavior, thus turning your recording into a useable test scenario. Do this for each scenario that you want to create, either manually or with the help of a wizard. The result of scripting is a test clip that you can compose and then run.

  • Manually. Find and replace values on your own and add logic.
  • Wizards. Help identify dynamic values that need to be replaced, and can create templates that you can apply to future clips to save time.
    • Session Template Package Wizard. Allows you to work with all of the found values in one place and create a template package that can be applied to multiple values at once, on future clips.
    • Session Template Wizard. Allows you to work with a singular value at a time and create a template that can be applied to single values, on future clips.

Regardless of which method you use, make sure you both apply and save the changes you've made to your clip.

Verify that it works as expected

Execute your clip in a general mode composition. Examine the Results Details dashboard to ensure the clip is functioning as expected.