If there were any anomalies that prevented reaching the targeted load test, some analysis would be needed. The best practice is to use the instrumentation for the system being tested, together with CloudTest dashboards to correlate any patterns to the error timings. CloudTest can use external data sources in its analytics system, (see image below).

(Integrating external data sources)

In the instance above, it was determined from the external Amazon CloudWatch logs of the system under test (see image below) that the API limit was reached (hence the increase in response times).
Like this, CloudTest provides insight into both the external logs and the internal system metrics via the dashboard, to help you more easily find and understand any bottlenecks in the system.

(External data source: CloudWatch logs)

Once that is changed, you can perform the test again. CloudTest also provides comparison dashboards against a specific baseline to compare the performance of repeated tests (see image below).

(Comparison dashboards across multiple load tests)

Best Practice 11

Use CloudTest analysis dashboards like "error analysis" and "waterfall" together with external data sources to perform analysis and rectify issues.