Individual vehicle reports

Based on UID extraction from OTA traffic, the individual vehicle report shows all requests to the OTA servers for an individual vehicle over a selected period of time that is no longer than 90 days. You can use this report to learn about the types of logged events, statuses of the server responses, dates and times of requests, amounts of data sent, complete download statuses, and locations of resource files.

Search options

The Individual Vehicle report shows OTA traffic for a particular UID. To search for individual vehicle traffic data or limit the data presented, you can use the following filters:

  • Unique identifiers
    The unique identifier of a vehicle for which individual vehicle data is presented. This field is case-sensitive and accepts maximally 20 characters.

    • For UIDs shorter than 20 characters, enter all characters.

    • For UIDs longer than 20 characters, enter the first 20 characters.

  • Date range.
    An inclusive set of dates associated with a particular UID, for which individual vehicle data is presented. By default, the range is set to a period of one month from the current date.

  • Events filter
    Filters the data presented in the report by event, status, downloaded data, URL, or download status.

Individual vehicle report data types

For every individual vehicle report, the following data types are available:

  • Event
    The type of event. The following options are available:

    • Check for updates
      Indicates campaign server-marked requests as defined by the request type marker behavior.

    • Download
      Indicates download-marked requests as defined by the request type marker behavior.

  • URL
    The location of a resource file.

  • Status
    The HTTP status code.

  • Start Date Time (UTC)
    The date and time of receiving the request by the OTA servers in coordinated universal time.

  • Dnld Data (MB)
    The amount of data sent in response to the request.

  • Dnld Status
    The complete download status icon check-icon indicates that the file has been successfully downloaded, and that the request has met the match criteria defined for the download complete marker behavior.